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We provide legal services in a variety of areas related to real estate, title work, and mobile home ownership.

Our Services

Real Estate Settlement Services 

Tuttle & Associates, LLC works closely with clients to ensure a smooth and efficient closing process. We will preside over the entire closing transaction and guide you throughout the process of purchasing your new property.

Title Searches

Tuttle & Associates, LLC can assist you by reviewing available public records at the register of deeds and clerk of court and providing a certified report as to the status of title. We will alert you to any mortgages, restrictions, judgments, liens or other defects in title.

Title Curative Work

Tuttle & Associates, LLC assists clients by correcting title errors found in the chain of title and working to resolve clouds on title. This may be something as simple as locating a previous owner to sign a deed or advising about the appropriate type of action to file with the courts to clear title.

Factory Built Home Purchases and Sales

Tuttle & Associates, LLC is the only law firm with the ability to assist with mobile home issues throughout the Carolinas, whether it be a closing on a new mobile home or transferring an existing home. We can also assist with the below issues:

Lost Title Issues • De-titling • Re-titling • Transfers

Mobile Home Park Services 

Tuttle & Associates, LLC advises mobile home park owners throughout the Carolinas on various issues associated with park ownership ranging from acquisition and titling of new homes for the park to preparing and updating rules and regulations for tenants and home owner. See the below for complete list of our services.

Lease Agreements • Rent to Own Agreements • Evictions • Contract Drafting • Park Purchases • Park Financing

Places We Serve

With offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, we have the ability to serve clients in a large number of cities throughout the Southeast.

North Carolina

North Carolina

South Carolina

South Carolina



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